My Poetry
The text contained within these pages may be too graphic or depressing. If your moods are easily swayed, then maybe
these aren't really the best the best things for you to be reading.  Thank you, and I hope that you enjoy my poetry as much
as everyone else that I have had read my works.  More will be added as I write them.  I almost forgot how many I have
written.  Love the world.

Darkness, Darkness all around me.
When, Tell me when will I be free.
I don't know where I'm going.
I don't know where I am.
All I know is the wind is blowing,
but I see nothing for the darkness is all around me.
I care not what they say,
I care not what they see,
for I am blind even in the middle of day.
Life is so bleak and so bare.
I sit alone here and there.
I love one, yet she is so far.
I could see her only if I had a car.
She is my light which lets me see.
She helped my heart to be free,
but all is still dark when she is not there.
She is the only one for which I care.
Not even myself do I love this much.
She contains light from within, and the such.
I tell her I love her and try to make it known,
for I know true love is meant to be shown.