Eight seconds.

These eight second rides are all I have in my life
I no longer have a girlfriend or even a wife
So if you want to find me,
You know where I'll be.
Back behind the gates,
preferably number three.
Once that gate opens and my ride has begun,
I'm enjoying the only time I'm truly having fun.
Another chance

I left you before,
I treated you like a whore.
I know now that I did,
but behind my words I hid.
An apology I owe you,
and although I have to be true,
I know you'll doubt me yet,
but there's one thing that I'll bet
I'll love you forever if you'll give me the chance
Just give me one more smile, one more dance.
Time enough to prove my love.
Time enough to break my heart.
Remember the times and the fun
we had.  Forever to you I'll run.
True Joy

I don't ride for the money.
I don't ride for the pride.
I ride for the way it makes me feel inside.
Some think I'm lying, but if they only knew
These eight second rides are my only love that's true.
But if you still doubt me, just wait till I ride.
My smile will reflect how I feel inside.

I ask all the questions
but I get no answers.
Am I trying too hard, or not taking enough chances?
How do I know where I should start,
when everyone I know plays with my heart.
It's in too many pieces, I don't have enough time,
to put back together what isn't all mine.

I know in my life I've made some mistakes,
and eaten far more than my share of cakes.
So what do I do when I want to learn.
Will I ever get another turn,
to tell you the truth and show you what's real,
about the way that I still feel.
Find the strength.

The tears I've criedand the pain I feel,
Lets me know that this all is real.
I made one mistake and that's all it took,
for you to decide to close the book.
My love still lives, but yours is gone,
all because I did everything wrong.
Find the strength to forgive me and let me back into your heart,
and I promise to you that we'll never again part
Life on the road

I live my life upon the road.
Never knowing a steady home,
where I can go that's all my own,
and whenever I want just be alone.
Where friends are welcome day or night
and I can win every fight.

I write these poems
to make it known
the facts of life
stopped by a knife.
A life so true
A girl so sweet.
Her soul flew
to join the fleet.
Her killer left,
and got away.
I won't rest until the day,
He is caught and made to pay.
If I find him before the cops,
his head will no longer be on top.
more likely by his feet,
covered by a white sheet.
Just for what he has done
to the one that I loved
then and now oh so true.
Now she's gone and I am blue
I wish that all could feel my pain,
especially when it starts to rain.
Summer nights are the worst
when I remember seeing the hearse
parked right out in front of the church.
The memories make me cry,
when i think of how she died.
It wasn't the place or the time,
she was still young and she was mine.
We were supposed to die together of old age,
old enough to be called a sage.
When they first said she died
I had prayed that they'd lied.
I said we had plans we can't break off.
I cried so hard when i saw the coffin.

Why live when there is no life?
Why date if you'll never have a wife?
Why cry when it does no good?
Why laugh, I never could.
Why love when it all will crash and burn?
Why go to school, some never learn.
Why make friends when they'll stab you in the back?
Why not take a trip where you don't have to pack?
Why is a question to which there is no answer.
Why be with someone when you could never love her?
Why not enjoy life while you still can?
Why? Because we'd rather stay in a frying pan.
Why not jump into the flames where you can dance?
Why not have fun, you still have a chance.
Why not forgive so that you can forget?
Why bother asking where you can get?
Why is up to you and you alone.
Why sit at home when you can pick up the phone?
Why do they betray me when I treat them so well?
Why is it that I have my own private hell?
Why is it so hot?
For H________.

I know sweet for I know H______.
I hope that soon we'll be together.
She is sweet, but she is shy.
I hope that I will be the guy
for her. The one she loves, the one she trusts.
I hope the one for which she lusts
to be with night and day.
The one she thinks of at work or play.
I don't know if I love her, or if I do how true.
But when the time comes to prove it I think I'll say "I Do".

I'm insane, I've lost my mind.
I sometimes feel like I am blind.
My head is spinning, but my feet are firm.
Sometimes I feel like a worm.
I shake all day and cry at night,
and many times I want to fight.
I want to shoot, I want to kill,
and send them all straight to hell.
I don't care what color, I don't care what size,
just as long as everyone dies.
slow and painful or short and sweet,
it doesn't matter which way, Not to me.
Because I Lost You.

Where do I come from, where do I go?
What are the answers, and will I ever know?
How does it happen and only to me?
Why can I never be free?
I'm in my own cell.
My own private hell.
Always in the fire, can't get back in the pan,
Why is noone willing to give me a hand.
I'm down here alone and all by myself.
My body's on the floor and my heart on a shelf.
all of my feelings stir and brew.
It's all because I lost you.
How could they do it, you were so young.
You were my life, You were my sun.
I never cried like this before.
You were the only one I adored.
I could never join you for you're in heaven.
At least you'll be able to meet Devin,
but now I must go my breath is drawing short.
I will soon be facing the ultimate court.
Goodnight my love the end is no longer near,
for now, right now, the end is here.

I've loved and lost
I know pains true cost,
but now I have my fears.
I laugh in public, but at night I shed my tears.
I once knew how to love, but I think I forgot.
I've learned how to hate, but I'd rather not.

All my pain, all my tears
Death shall quiet all my fears.
Already Damned.

Death hangs around me waiting for the end
because he knows I'm at the final bend.
What he doesn't know is I'm slowing time,
hoping that someday you'll finally be mine.
Chances are I'll hit the final mark
long before I steal your heart.
But I keep trying for the fool I am.
I stick in the knife by myself,
because I know I'm already damned.

Where do I go, what do I do
I become senseless whan I'm with you.
How does it happen, I really don't know,
but I'm completely lost whenever you go.
My love for you will never change,
but nor will it ever be the same.
Love matures like most people do,
and I'm just glad I'm loved by you.
What did I do?

Was it something I did, was there something I had said,
that made you treat me like I am dead
Same Story.

The color of my heart is the color of my soul.
It was your love that made me whole.
But now it's gone and we're apart.
When you left me you broke my heart.
It's the same story told time and again,
The man's never right so the woman always wins.
Love may be real, but it's always changing forms.
Often making me wish to never have been born.
I meet a girl, she heals my heart,
then just for kicks, tears it apart.
the tears long dried, the heart cold as stone.
all that is left is the ache in the bones,
and the memories of the times we had.

Do this, go there
I'm being led, and it's not fair.
I have my own mind and way of doing things.
I'm just waiting for the day I get my wings.
Sometimes it seems it's all about,
taking the only way I know out.
Death's an escape, Life is hell.
All I want is to hear that final bell,
when this life is finally through,
then I know I'll be with you.
Help Them.

Stop their pain and their hurt.
Cover their bodies soon with dirt.
I love them both with all my heart,
that is why I wish they'd part
these diseased bodies in which they live.
To the heavens they should give
their souls.  They are old
and have lived so bold.
They deserve a rest,
and to to return to the best
times that they lived.
to see their friends once again.
Now I know they'll be forever,
and when I die we'll be together
but until my soul has flown
I would like it to be known
in my heart they'll remain
until I have nothing to gain.
Slanderous mind.

We alll were together, but now are not.
The coolest of heads are getting hot.
Brothers for years became enemies in days.
it happened so quickly, and in so few ways.
The root of the matter is a slanderous mind,
How could family be so unkind?
We all know the truth, but some won't accept
the way it should be and what we have left.
Families stick together, friends come and go.
How can I fix this, I wish I could know.
Others Would Fall.

Where am I going?
Where have I been?
Is my life just a sin?
I've done nothing good.
I never could.
I can't end it all,
For others would fall.
But what of those already have?
Will I never see them again?
I couldn't live with that pain.