Where the Heart is.

There are always people around me so how should I know,
what it's like to be utterly alone.
My love has been taken and thrown about,
in such a manner that i'm left without,
someone to love and call my own
who's always waiting for me to come home.
Where the heart is, where the love grows,
and the only people there are the ones that I know.
Life Story.

One life story is like all the rest.
It starts with a birth and ends with a death.
The only difference is what fills that time,
as i try to find a way to make this poem rhyme.
There's a love in most stories that usually gets lost,
teaching us all the hearts true cost.

I sit here while I lose my mind.
I spend all day trying to find,
a way to go, a way to die.
To end the pain and quiet the lies.
I can't cry anymore I don't have the tears.
I've forgotten my past and faced my fears.
Why do I live with noone to trust,
Just let me die and solve this bloodlust.
The sooner I go the sooner I'll take
as much of this world's pain and hate,
I can carry.
For the one I love.

Here we are, there we go.
I just want to let you know,
What you mean, and how it is
I gave you your first Kiss.
Three words is all it takes,
to build mountains or make them lakes.
I fear these words, yet know they're true
When I say that I love you.
It's up to us, and us alone
to make the truth of these words known.
They can mean pain, and they can mean tears.
They can mean sadness, or cause people fear.
But when I see you then I know
just how easily that these words can flow.
It's the truth not a lie.
If I lost you, Would I die?
Probably not, but if I should.
Then tomorrow I ask if you could
live without me by your side
with the knowledge that I died
loving you with all my heart,
knowing that we soon shall part.
But for now we have what we do,
So I just want to say that I love you.

Why do I live, why do I lie?
Why am I here, I just want to die.
I'm already out so let me go home,
so I don't spend my time here alone.
So I can get a job and a life,
and finish my plans with my future wife.
My son's on the way He'll be born soon.
I've lost my mind and it's not even noon.
The End

I know where I'm at, I know what's around,
but soon enough I'll be in the ground.
Finally some quiet, finally some rest.
Allk that it took was my own death.
No more pain, no more tears.
No more love, no more fears.
All is quiet, all is right,
for I have seen the last of light.

The tears I hide will never fall.
I'll soon recieve that final call.
When this body becomes useless,
as they say, "Life is Bliss".
I hate my life, I hate this place.
I can't stand to see my own face.
For all I've done I want to die,
and end this whole big lie.
Pure and true.

I can't live with her,
I could never live without.
I want things how they were,
before she began to doubt
that love existed pure and true
and stopped saying, I love you.
She's in my heart to stay.
I'll never give her away,
but, she's only hurting herself
by putting her heart up on a shelf.
Forever and true,
that's how my love is sent to you.
Here I sit

Here I sit in the middle of the night,
thinking of exactly what to write.
I want to write what i feel, but I don't know the words.
I don't think there are any words to describe my hurt.
I feel like I'm crazy, I must be insane.
I never knew I could feel so much pain.
I bury it all down deep down inside.
Emotions like these aren't easy to hide,
but I push them down and hold them back,
Then pray to heaven they don't push back.
One of these days they'll oevrflow.
The day that happens I already know,
That'll be the end of my short stay
Here on earth lived day by day.
The pressure keeps building here in my head.
I know it won't be long until I'm dead.
Secret Love.

I write this poem to make it known
The love I have that cannot be shown.
Not right here, not right now.
I don't want to wait, but I know I must,
So if it is I that you trust,
Stick with me through thick and thin
and in the end we'll both win
The chance to live our lives together
staying together forever and ever.
If you wish to be wed,
you must wait and it shall be,
for I'll love you even after I'm dead.

Stop the fighting, stop the pain.
War was never to be a game.
A world of peace is what we need.
We all must try to end the wars,
in doing so we'll open doors
to things above and beyond
those we have now and those that are gone.
We'll work together to get into space
and solve our problems in a matter of days.
When there is peace there will be love
that shall pour down from above
to save our souls and our minds,
and release us from the restricting binds
that hold us down here on earth
and prevents us from giving birth
to space exploration above and beyond
regions we are known to have gone
to find other life out in space
to teach them right and put them in their place.
Someday we will, one day we can,
but noone will grow up and be a man
till we know that we are free

______, My love, whom I cherish so true
A month has gone by and I'm still with you.
looking back time seems so long,
but when I'm with you it's always gone.
The future's ahead of us, the past behind.
Lets hold onto right now and see what we find.
Always Willing.

How do I know what to do,
is it true when I say "I love you"?
Maybe I do, maybe I don't,
but I'll never say that I won't.

Of all the things I say or do
I cherish most those done with you.
You make me happy when I am sad,
You calm me down when I get mad.
I love you for this and everything else
Because no matter what you do it always helps.
You are my angel, the love of my life,
Soon enough I know I'll make you my wife.
I don't know where you came from, or how you got so fine,
but I count my blessings every day because you are mine.
So as long as you'll let me I'll keep on holding you,
because this love's too strong to not be true.
If you ever should doubt me, just look into my eyes
The love that you see in there will come as no surprise.
The love of my life

You are the love of my life,
You are my future wife.
Although there are times when I think you'll drive me mad,
there are far more time times when you make me so glad.
Glad that I'm with you, Glad that I'm alive.
Glad that you're there for me even when I take a dive.
I know I'm not perfect and that I'll never be,
but you love me for who I am so I'll just let things be.
As long as I am with you one thing is for sure,
no matter what happens, you are the cure.
So this poem is for you, the love of my life.
The reason I'm breathing, My future, My life.
Why is it that nothing I do will ever be right?
You won't make me cry, noone else has before
No matter how much money I have I'll always be poor.
The wealthiest people that I ever knew,
have all found a love proven to be true.
But my heart is of stone, and I always wear a chip
to keep me from the pain of a heart that's already ripped.
Some wounds never heal and there's no band-aid that can cover
the pain that's felt when you have lost a lover.
My Problem.

I now know my problem, I realize my plight.
Every time things get serious, I up and take flight.
But that's ok, I don't care,
Because I know that someday she'll be there
to hold me tight and keep me warm.
Even through the coldest storm.
Forgive Me.

I'm sorry that things had to come to this,
no final goodbye, no last kiss.
Just a letter saying that I was wrong
Written shortly before I was gone
I had a big heart that often was broken
I loved many even if the words weren't spoken,
but now I'm leaving, I can't take anymore
I've given up on life, I've closed the door.
I'll soon go to sleep, never to wake,
because of the drugs I chose to take.
Don't blame yourselves, you couldn't have known
I hid all the signs so they wouldn't have shown
I ask that you forgive me for what I have done.
Remember me before I was too far gone
to care what anyone said or did.
I only wish I'd been around long enough to have had a kid.
Dakota Allen would have been his name.
I wish there were another way to end my pain.
I wish you all the best in everything you do.

Time is always changing, but it seems I never do.
How do I continue in a life without you.
I know that I could, but that's not what I want
You were more than just a prize that I could flaunt.