To _______.

a smile, a laugh, a face so sweet,
never again shall I meet,
one so pure and so true,
because i found it all in you.
you stole my heart,
you won the prize
I looked at you and blinked my eyes
I couldn't believe what I saw.
An  angel standing before me.

I'm always surrounded by people I know
so why do I feel completely alone?
My heart's never healed
My mind's a time-bomb
I wonder what they'll feel
the day that I'm gone
the good may die young, but the weak go much younger
and it's all because they can't feed their hunger
it's times like these that I start to wonder
am I starving myself by feeding their hunger?
I give it my all, then a little more
sometimes I feel like just another cheap whore
So please forgive me for the things I've done
the hearts I've broke and my wrongful fun
things are always happpening which we cannot change
it's been that way in every time and age
so live your life and let me live mine
We all need to have a little fun before we finally die.

Where am I going?  Where am I at?
Can a vampire really turn into a bat?
Do I write for fun, or just the pain?
Why when i see her do I feel drained?

You called my name, I turned my head,
suddenly I thought I was dead
I knew you were an angel, but I didn't know you're mine
I never thought a mortal could be so refined.
All I could do was stare.
Open my mouth? I didn't dare!!!
Then you walked toward me
and asked"Can you help me?"
all I could do was nod.
I'll see you

Death is the beginning, life is the end.
I'll be here until God sends
His angels so sweet and true.
Then I know that I'll see you.
Halfway There.

Floating, flying all around.
Pushed and pulled toward the ground.
I have to keep my feet below me
and my head out of the clouds,
though my heart is now free,
hers is still caught in the crowds.
Remember Me.

Remember my face, remember my name
and know my life was nothing but pain
so don't remember me near the end
when smiles were scarce and I had few friends.
Remember all of the happier days
when life was fun in many ways
when seldom a tear touched my eye
when we all thought we never would die.
Immortality is a funny thing,
one minute it's here, then it grows wings.
It soars away into the night and gets lost in the stars.
Before Her Time.

Beauty is in the eye.
Only birds can fly.
Slow songs make me cry.
I lost the one I loved,
she was pure,
she was true
and when she was gone I was blue.
I prayed for her soul,
I prayed for mine
I knew that it hadn't been her time.
She was beautiful, she was young.
An innocent life stopped by a gun.
Rampart Fight Song.

Here they come in blue and gold.
Here they come small and bold.
Rampart's our name,
and spirit's our game.
We are the Rams,
Not a bunch of Hams.

Dreams are in your head.
Life is all around,
but when they come together
the problems are profound.
you were a dream that had come true.
Then you left and I was blue.

I've been up here for 7 months.
Far from the ones I've known and loved.
There are times when I think I'm all alone
All these years I've been in your heart
both of us regretting our confusing part.
I didn't know what happened, or what I did wrong.
I only knew I loved you all along,
but as long as you're happy, then so am I
even though it is with another guy.
As long as he's willing to treat you right
and try to resolve every fight.
Thank you for remembering and letting me know you care.
So if you ever need me, I'll Be There.
Promise kept.

The sun goes down, the stars come out.
This is the time to voice all doubts,
ask your questions, remember your years,
think of loves lost, and face your fears.
Take your time we have all night.
Lets go to a bar, just don't get in a fight.
A night on the town, a full tank of gas.
Where are we going to visit last?
Do you want to just cruise, or do you want to stop.
I know a great place where we can be on top.
Now we're here, the city lies beneath.
The view is so perfect you wouldn't believe.
We see it all from our high spot.
It's not too cold, nor is it too hot.
I promised you this night so here it is.
A picnic under the stars, a goodnight kiss.
I turn the radio to music that's worthwhile.
I look back at you as you start to smile.
I look in your eyes, I pull you so close.
How this night will end, God only knows.

Another week, another town
I don't know when I'll settle down
but when i do I know I'll be
with someone who'll set me free
until I find her I'll live my life
with the road as my Wife.

I travel the roads, but I can't get away
from the pain that's inside me everyday.
I keep trying my best, but keep getting nowhere.
There are times when I say I really don't care,
which anyone who knows me knows isn't true,
because een though it's over I still love you.
I still keep it hidden down deep inside,
and when anyone asks me I always lie.
I can't keep going on like this.
Just remembering our last kiss.
I'd like to say goodbye,
but I know I never will.
A memory's a memory, a faact's a fact
I'll always love you, and I'll leave it at that.
Good Man

Listen to the ones who you know best,
He's a good man, and a cowboy at heart.
So give him the chance to show you the part.
More faithful than most that I've ever met,
and as honest as a cowboy can get.
Just give him a week, that'll be enough,
To know in him your heart can trust.

I wish she were mine,
for she is so fine,
But looks are not all.
She isn't even that tall.
True beauty lies inside.
I'm sorry If I ever lied.
I can't recall if I did.
I've lied to many since I was a kid.
I won't lie now.
I don't know how.
I don't know what to do.
Especially when I'm with you.

Teachers lie and teachers steal.
Teachers make you think Life's real.
can only be stopped by their death.
All those that educate us
Must melt into a pile of pus.
kill them all, zap their brains.
End all of our pains.
Start with ______ then the rest,
make them stop all these tests.

How do I know what to do?
Is it true when I say I love you?
Maybe I do, maybe I don't,
But I'll never say that I won't.
Pain's True Cost.

Words like love and words like trust
are just words to describe out lust.
Love is real, trust is gained.
When it's lost, we are pained.
I have loved, and I have lost.
Now I know pains true cost.
Let me know your heart is free.

Now hath come a time for sorrow
for we shant meet tomorrow.
this is now a time for tears,
for we must face our fears.
We All Go To Heaven.
We all go to heaven,
because we live in hell.
some die quietly others with a yell.
we help them along,
with a dance and a song.
Instead of this place
I would rather face,
a hairy deamon with eyes so red
just one look would strike me dead.
All I need is an escape,
to end this life, to meet my fate.
When I reach this final date
and I am in my resting place,
I know I'll be happy up above
knowing I'll always have your love.
Whether my friend or my wife
I'll see you in the afterlife,
Where all are happy none are sad,
never scared and never mad.
I Chose.

How did I get here, What did I do?
Why am I so in love with you?
I look at other women, but things have all changed.
Is our love all that's to blame?
Our love grows stronger as the days go by,
but much longer without you and I'll want to die.
I know you love him more, but won't admit it,
To tell you the truth, I don't give a shit.
All I want to hear is the truth,
and soon there after see the proof.
I love you _________ ________

There once was a time when I thought love
was just a word, nothing from above.
then I met you and you changed my mind.
I don't know what you did, but I'm no longer blind.
You make my life complete, you make me want to smile,
you make me wish to be with you all the while.
how can I tell you just what you mean to me,
nothing I could say could ever make you see.
I can only hope that my actions can speak loud enough for me.
I want to give you everything I've ever had in my life,
I want to make you happy and make you my wife.
I've only wanted to be with you all along.
From the moment I first met you I felt you were the one
who could pull my life together or make me come undone.
I thank you for your loving and your open heart.
Now I pray to God that we never part.